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About Me

My name is Sara, I’m 35 and live in San Diego, California. As far back as I can remember I’ve always been very psychic and cannot remember a time where seeing my future wasn’t a part of my path. I believe psychic intuitive abilities reside on a spectrum, and I believe I am on the extreme end of that spectrum, and always have been. This was not something I chose, but it is something I developed further on my own starting in my 20’s. While I do consider myself psychic, I am not a medium. Mediumship isn’t my natural gift, even though I can open up enough through the Akashic Records to receive messages from the other side. Living with the abilities I have hasn’t been easy, since knowing things in advance can often feel more like a life-sentence than a gift. Yet, at the same time, I have clarity and perspective others will never have, and some will never understand. I have opportunities to see potentials in life many only fantasize about, and because of that, an ability to realistically chase dreams and walk in directions most people aren’t brave enough to. I also have a connection to something that is usually only written about in fiction books or portrayed as fantasy in movies, and yet, it’s real for me and mine for free.


…However, maybe these abilities did come at some cost, since growing up this way was especially challenging. Being as sensitive and intuitive as I am, I truly felt like my experience was different. I always felt out of place, misunderstood, and like I didn’t belong, no matter what I did or how hard I tried. Not only did I feel out of place and unrelatable for my abilities/sensitivities, I also struggled throughout my time in school because I was severely dyslexic, and wasn’t able to read until 5th grade. All of that, as well as my unique interests and an odd way of dressing as a young girl, all made me feel as though I was defective somehow. I would look around and I felt like I always stood out for all the wrong reasons, even when I started dressing how I thought I should. Growing up I was bullied for much of my time in school and one day I decided to leave high school because of it. I opted for independent study instead, and graduated high school early. In college I found 2 best friends, a profound love of philosophy and theology and an appreciation for working hard and doing it on my own, without any assistance for my dyslexia. I graduated college with honors and landed a job offer in San Francisco right out of school.


Because of how I felt growing up, from an early age I learned to turn to myself instead, and inward to my abilities for any kind of assistance, acceptance and reprieve. As I’ve gotten older I’ve witnessed my abilities become stronger, better and even more acute over time, with practice. As you can probably imagine, this hasn’t exactly lead me to find more friends or to feel more accepted, but instead just made me feel out of place at times. Sometimes I look at others with a mix of admiration and envy, that they are more “normal” than I am, and have a more “normal” experience in life than the life I’ve had… not just because I am psychic, but because of the many events that have played out in my life so far. There were definitely times when I tried to block this very intuitive, sensitive part of who I am and even disown it, but it never goes away. The truth always remains: I am Sara, the girl who has psychic intuitive abilities unlike anything I’ve encountered before.


When I was younger, in order to combat loneliness I felt, I learned to channel my abilities creatively. I can paint and draw psychic visions I have, and can write/channel clairaudiantly. Ever since college, writing has always been a strength for me. Art that is self-expressive is what I enjoy most. A really big part of that expression for me has always come from movement. I love movement more than anything in life, by far. I grew up loving dance, and then loving dance transitioned into loving yoga and Pilates. While I may never be great at algebra, I believe focusing on my strengths is my path.


Finding out what I am good at doing was only half of what brought me to the place I am now, as an artist, psychic reader and life coach. The rest of what brought me to this place has been tragedy. Within the time span of 5 years, I was t-boned in a car crash and then soon after rebuilding my life and my body, I ended up in a truly horrific head-on collision. The second crash happened on Christmas Day in 2021, when a driver drove recklessly head-on into the car I was a passenger in, and it nearly took my life. Both car crashes were life-changing; the second left me with some permanent disabilities, even though I may not look disabled after multiple surgeries. My neurosurgeon told me I am what’s called a “walking paraplegic,” which is not uncommon for people with a spinal cord injury (SCI) who can relearn to walk again after surgery intervention. Various loss and heartbreak throughout my journey has turned my life upside down at certain points, yet through pain a deeper understanding of myself and knowing my own heart has been magnified for me to see.


What I’ve learned is that focusing on our strengths and using those to move forward is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I’ve learned a lot about surrender, stillness and learning to accept reality at face value, for exactly what it is as it is. For me, the secret to moving forward has been learning to accept what I cannot change. It’s given me power over my past, knowing that pain from my past doesn’t have to come with me once I accept the things I can’t change and surrender it over. At that point it’s almost like it’s no longer mine to carry, and I have found there is freedom and even peace in that.


What has helped me the most in recovery from the things I’ve gone through has been my family, my sweet service dog (in training), art I’ve made, movement, therapy, the reading exchanges I’ve done with former mentees who I’ve helped to develop their psychic abilities, and exchanges I’ve also done with other psychic friends, too. Readings above all else have given me perspective when I’ve needed it most. Readings have helped me to look more objectively at my beliefs and my journey. They have helped me to take responsibility for what I want, who I am becoming, and the life I know I’m destined for. 


If you are wanting to follow a dream, if you are in need of clarity, guidance, in a hard place, if you want an answer, direction forward or are just hoping to see what’s possible for you, then I’m happy to help. To book a psychic reading with me please visit the "book online" page on my website. If you can't find a time that would work for you on my schedule, fill out the “contact me” form and we will find a time that works for both of us :)


If you are interested in working with me more extensively as your life coach, feel free to reach out by messaging me on the “contact me” form via this website. The timing of my next group coaching session is TBD, as I am still recovering from the last car crash I was in. 


*Eventually (soon, hopefully), I will need to have a couple major surgeries that will require a significant amount of recovery time, which will impact my work life and availability. I’ll definitely keep you up to date through my website. To get the latest updates I send out once a month, be sure to subscribe to my website.


Thanks for reading :)



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