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Who I am: My name is Sara and I live in San Diego. I'm 32 this year, and currently working as an Akashic Records reader. 


I am a healer and a spirit guide. I also live life as a highly sensitive person, an empath, a medium, a channel, a psychic and an intuitive.

For much of my life I struggled with who I was and owning all these parts of myself.

Up until this year I wouldn't even call myself a "medium" because I didn't want to associate myself as someone who talks to dead people... But that is what I am. Being a medium is part of what I can do.

I work in the Akashic Records as an Akashic Record reader, where I get to use my abilities to help others find their way back to the source of themselves, their truth, their purpose, their path and love. I can connect them with loved one's who have passed, or receive any information on them, their life, their health, past lives or their future.

To be able to get where I am: I had to clear away any spiritual, physical, mental and emotional obstacles that blocked me from being a clear channel. I even had a whole different life before my life knocked me onto a new path, the path I'm currently on.

I am primarily clairaudient, which means I hear with my inner ear, all the information that is delivered to me from the spirit world. However, once you become good at one psychic ability, it often spills over into all the other ways: knowing, seeing, feeling, sensing. I can do it all!

I have learned how to set fast and hard boundaries, and I do, not just with others, but with the spirit world too. Working in the Akashic Records is one way for me to honor those boundaries; it allows for me to create a safe and guided space to tune in and out of all the information that's available for me to help myself heal or help others to heal.

...But, when I am not working on myself or in the Records... I AM LIVING. I am a human first and foremost, and I enjoy things like: PIZZA, long walks, sunsets, bike rides, roller skates, Netflix, music, writing, the beach, adventuring, smothering my dog with love, and sending my family weird random memes.

Being present has been the most rewarding thing, and self-honoring thing, and most important thing I've ever learned how to do.

Having these abilities meant: in my 20's I became obsessed with exploring them. It was easy to get wrapped up in what I could learn and see and know and hear about my future.

I now know that when I'm feeling insecure, fearful or off, that's actually the only time I'll ever feel inclined to look into my future. It's usually an indication to me that I'm feeling triggered instead of trusting. When I'm in that place the information I get will trigger me even more to focus back on myself instead of on my future, and I'll come back to the present and deal with my feelings.

This journey has been anything but easy for me. It is not easy to live life as a highly sensitive person. However, the road to acquiring strength and the willingness to sit with myself in the pain and discomfort of the disconnection I once felt is what allowed me to arrive at this place, where my abilities and me now live in harmony and alignment with my life and what I'm doing with my time.

I'm sharing this because I mostly attract supremely intuitive types of individuals as clients. Sometimes you guys ask me how I got here... I did the work, and I'm still in the work.

The work never ends! Kill any fantasy you have that someday you'll just "arrive." Yes, you may get into alignment with the gifts you're developing, but the journey is why. It doesn't just "happen," it only somehow works out because you've figured out how to keep it all in balance. You get stronger, better, and more equipped to carry all those gifts, but that doesn't mean they weigh less. Quite the opposite is true: if you develop your abilities they will weigh more. At that point you must learn how to ground. If you don't ground, others won't be able to connect with you. If you ground, you will connect deeply and easily with anyone.

When people talk too high in the sky: they are not grounded. It's not coming from a grounded place to talk too much about fairies, moons and empresses. It's disconnected, and it is very off-putting to people who have grounded themselves. It is my belief that if you're in that space, it just means that you haven't figured out how to be completely present with yourself and all your internal emotional and mental pain yet, which is what is blocking the connection between you and your inner Self in the first place. The goddess talk is a distraction from reality. That's okay. If someone is stuck there, that's their road to walk. It's painful, but it's theirs...

We can't save people and as empaths, that's the very classic empathic thing to want to do. Ultimately, however, we can help people best by showing them how it's done instead.

I'm not a parent, but my best guess is: your kids don't listen to what you say, instead they do what you do. The same is true for those on an intense healing journey...

If you can tell your story, if you can share your truths, if you can open your heart and let others see the long and lonely path you've traveled, it might offer them something, too. Maybe they'll feel inclined to walk the long and hard way because you did it somehow...

My path has made me a different person from the girl I started out as on tis journey. I don't try to fix people, I accept them where they are. I don't judge people, I let them be where and what and who they are.

It is like this because this is what I've learned to sit with and do for myself.

The only reason I can authentically hold space for you is because I hold space for me, too.

I am not a guru, please don't call me that. I am not a teacher, I am not a mentor and I'll never be a coach. I am only a healer, and spirit guide.

I see you. I truly do. I know your struggle because I've struggled so hard, too. You'll get better at this. Have faith. Feel all the feelings! And, if you want or need a light shown on your path for you, reach out! It's my job to light up your path for you! You don't need to be alone in the dark forever :)


A little about my past: I graduated with degrees in Philosophy and Sociology from the University of San Diego. After school, I moved to San Francisco to work in the financial district, but realized the life I was creating didn't feel right. I came back to San Diego understanding my path to happiness would always depend on how I was choosing to spend my time. That's when I chose to turn a passion into a profession and began my yoga career. Once I completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training, I expanded my classes to include meditation and mindfulness.  Eventually I found myself in the role of guest lecturer at my alma mater, where I created and taught lecture classes on happiness and what it means to be mindful. That experience also gave me the opportunity to write a book for my course. Overall, I look back on that time in my life and still feel inspired by what it gifted me. 


I was teaching yoga for about 4 years until one afternoon when my life dramatically changed direction. While driving, my car was t-boned by a delivery truck and I ended up severely injured. That accident caused me to need several surgeries over the course of 2 years in order to recover, including reconstructive surgeries on my face and lots of physical therapy to heal. Shortly after my first post-accident surgery, I was also diagnosed with 2 different autoimmune diseases at the same time. All of these things that happened meant the life I had known prior had changed. I found myself living a new reality, one where I was stuck with no option but to address each new challenge, heal, take stock, grieve everything I had lost and figure out what it would take to move forward. I look back on it all now and feel the entire experience changed me as a person. For two years my life was put in park, but it was the most powerful pause and most blessed moment I've ever lived. I got to learn who I truly am, what strength actually means, and finally began to understand fully what my higher purpose is in my lifetime and how I'll be serving it. My world was turned upside down, but by far the most valuable thing my life taught me to do during that time was turn inward for answers, instead of turning to the outside world to show me the way. These days I believe everything that happened happened in order to lead me to connect to my deepest truth and finally heal.


So, how did this all lead me here? To become an Akashic Records reader?: When I was teaching yoga, early on I came across another Akashic Records reader who introduced me to a profoundly spiritual side of myself before I truly knew myself. I spent a lot of time exploring occult practices and learning the Akashic Records on my own, only to become a certified Akashic Records reader myself. After my accident I realized 3 things: I wanted to live my higher purpose, which I understood was spiritual, I wanted to work for myself and own my time, and I wanted to help people heal. Eventually it all aligned: getting paid to use my gifts to read the Akashic Records for others happened for me without effort, and my life moved me into a place where I am living part of my higher purpose, while getting to work for myself and helping people heal in all areas I, too, have addressed within.


A little about my gifts: I have always been very sensitive, and call myself an "empath" because my intuitive abilities come from living life as a highly sensitive person. I was born this way. Outside of being an intuitive, medium and channel, my main psychic ability is clairaudiance (clear hearing), which means I typically hear the information I channel. However, once you practice a lot and get super good at one psychic ability, it is not uncommon that you inevitably start developing all other psychic abilities too. I am also claircognizant (clear knowing), clairvoyant (clear seeing) and clairsentient (clear feeling). I have the ability to touch an object and receive information from it, which is called telemetry. If I’m open to seeing people’s auras, it can be easy for me to decide to open to that energy too. I see Earth's aura everyday.

Part of my purpose is to be a channel, both as a direct channel, and as a channel that is meant to work creatively with information I receive in order to bring healing to the masses from a new perspective. I am a creative, I am a spiritual guide and I am a healer. Being a healer is the heart and soul of my life's work in this lifetime.  As a healer, I'd love to be able to share my gifts with you during an Akashic Records reading.

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