Akashic Love Reading

If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking for love

Are you still searching for "the one"?

An Akashic love reading is your key to manifesting the person of your dreams.

Receiving the energy through this reading results in changing your vibrational codes.

My Akashic love reading is about opening a portal to receive healing energy that puts you on a path of wholeness within.

As a result, you will end up attracting what you are in a partner.

It is possible to find unconditional love in your life.

If you haven't found it yet, it's not your fault.

...You might just be repeating old cycles and not even know it.

Often, we continue to engage in old cycles that keep us stuck, yet there is a way out.

Through this reading with me, you will see and address your deepest core wounds.

I will tell you what is blocking love.

I will tell you how to overcome it.

I will change your vibrational codes to put you on that path.

...You might think you're paying me for an insightful love reading, but what you're actually paying for is for me to raise your vibration and change your coding, which is what has been keeping you stuck in the same patterns.

I was once where you are.

I kept looking for love from all the wrong people, in all the wrong places.

Since then I've healed old cycles, moved past inadequacies and have become whole.

As a result of all I've been through, I've come up with a formula and program to help others.

I believe that we can never truly come together with another in wholeness and create something bigger than ourselves until we are whole first.

My goal isn't just to help you find the love of your life, but to help you become the love of your own life, too.

During our session I'll access your guides, and then use the formula I've come up with to take you through a program that addresses your main blocks to love: core wounds and unhealed patterns.

We will also look at where you are, and create a map for you to move into the right space to find "the one."


As a result of working with me, I not only guarantee you WILL find Mr./Mrs. Right, but I can also promise you'll find wholeness.

My Akashic love program is for: 

♡ Single women and men

♡ Ages 28-40

♡ You're open and ready to meet "the one"

♡ You're not aiming to be "tied down" to someone, you're aiming to be set free with them

♡ You've already done a lot of healing

♡ You're conscious, awake and aware that you have flaws

♡ You take responsibility for your mistakes and past actions

♡ You're beginning to see your worth

♡ You want to see yourself more clearly

♡ You understand being triggered is a way to find healing, and understand big triggers will come up in our session in order to help you address them and heal

♡ You're ready to let go of beliefs

♡ You're done playing small

♡ You believe you are here to change the world, inspire others, and share your gifts along the way

♡ This program is not intended for those already in a relationship 

If you don't change your vibrational codes, you'll keep attracting the same situations.

Using the tools, formula and recoding I offer, I can help you break free. 

...Isn't it time to move forward?


Treat yourself to true love.

*This is the deepest kind of healing session I do*

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