Akashic Love Reading

If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking for love

What is an Akashic Love reading?

An Akashic Love reading is also Akashic Records reading, but has a format I created to see all your blocks to love, including the deepest core wound you are working through. Each one of us comes into life with specific life lessons to learn. The way this manifests is by way of the deepest core wound we are each destined to experience. Every person's core wound is unique and comes from a place of feeling unworthy. Each person's deepest core wound eventually become their map to wholeness, to their higher purpose and it's also how they find true love or what prevents it.


You will not truly ever resonate with your soul's higher purpose until healing your core wound is complete.

I can hand you a map forward.

During our reading I will show you where you are, give you insight into the bigger picture, and share practical steps to help you.

You might be repeating old cycles and not even know it.

You might be blinded by old ways of thinking and believing.

You might be stuck in lessons your soul is begging to leave behind.

I will reveal your deepest core wound to you.

I will tell you what specifically is blocking love.

I will tell you what needs to be done to overcome it.

I will alter your vibrational into a state of healing.

My goal isn't just to help you find the love of your life with this reading, but want to show you how to become the love of your life, too.

You can only become the love someone else's life after you become the love of your own life. That journey starts when we can begin to see ourselves more clearly. I'll help you do that. During our session I'll access your guides, and then use the formula I've come up with to take you through a session addressing your main blocks to love: your deepest core wound and unhealed patterns. We will also look at where you are, and create a map for you to move into the right space to find love.


As a result of working with me I not only promise you'll be on the path to true love, but I also guarantee you'll be on the path to wholeness.

My Akashic love program is for: 

♡ Single or taken women and men

♡ Ages 18+

♡ You're looking for true love

♡ You're not aiming to be "tied down" to someone, you're aiming to be set free with them

♡ You've already done a lot of healing

♡ You're conscious, awake and aware that you have flaws

♡ You take responsibility for your mistakes and past actions

♡ You're beginning to see your worth

♡ You want to see yourself more clearly

♡ You understand being triggered is a way to find healing, and understand big triggers will come up in our session together to help you address them and heal

♡ You're ready to let go of outdated beliefs

♡ You're done playing small

♡ You believe you are here to change the world, inspire others, and share your gifts along the way 

If you don't change your patterns, you'll keep attracting the same situations.

Using the tools, formula and recoding I offer, I can help you break free. 

*This is the deepest kind of healing session I do*

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