Akashic Records Reading

If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking for healing

Are you trying to end cycles that no longer serve you?

Are you tried of getting hurt?

Are you attracting the same experiences that lead to the same outcomes?

Through an Akashic Records reading with me, your life will re-route you toward healing and wholeness.

I have the ability to recode your vibration, to end cycles, patterns, and old beliefs.

Once we are made aware of why we are where we are, we are always given the opportunity to change and rearrange things.

That door will open to you through a reading with me.

You will feel different after our time together.

I was once trapped in a place I didn't want to be.

Since I've healed patterns, traumas, generational wounds and cycles, I can now clearly see what wounds others carry and claim.

I can change their vibration because I've transformed my own.


I am a different kind of Akashic Records reader because I am a healer more than I am a psychic.

Most people that know me well, know I have psychic abilities, but those will always come second to my healing abilities. This means I am able to use the Akashic records as a means to transmute energy, in order to help you change your life in a powerful way. Having worked with my own energy is what allows for me to show up for you in a powerful healing capacity to facilitate that same healing within you. 

If you are a healer, this type of reading can be especially powerful for you.

If you are tried of climbing mountains to get out of pain, or tired of trying to help others, but just can't seem to manifest that new start... then we should work together. I can help you manifest your purpose. This isn't coaching, this is healing through the Akashic Records with energy and information I am able retrieve based on the depth of healing I've gone through myself. 

As a result of working with me I can guarantee you will release ANY and ALL energetic blockages in order to move toward your purpose.

My Akashic Records Readings are for:

☽ Men and Women

☽ Ages 28+

☽ You are self-aware

☽ You've already experienced a series of awakenings

☽ You are striving to see yourself

☽ You see triggers as opportunities for growth

☽ You are self-reflective

☽ You take responsibility for your actions

☽ You are a healer/teacher for others

☽ You are breaking toxic cycles

☽ You are seeking inner peace

☽ You are open to change

☽ You realize you will need to let things go...

☽ Your end goal is freedom within

☽ You intend to live your purpose 

If you are working to overcome harder feelings of: unworthiness, insecurity or uncertainty within, a healing Akashic Records reading session with me would be a great place to get on the path of healing in order to help you reach your greater life purpose.

...Aren't you ready to heal and move forward?

You are worthy of living your soul's purpose.

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