Akashic Records Reading

If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking for healing

Are you wishing you felt more connected to your truth?

Do you feel like you are endlessly trying to find purpose and meaning?

Do you feel stuck in cycles that no longer serve you?

Are you tried of getting hurt?

Are you needing direction or clarity?

Do you wish you had answers?

Through a healing Akashic Records reading with me, you will re-engage with your life differently.

Working with me will recalibrate your vibration to help you end cycles, patterns, and old beliefs.

You will see yourself differently.

You will look at your experiences with more compassion and awareness.

You will feel at peace with your path.

Your energy will completely change after our time together.


I am a different kind of Akashic Records reader because I am here as a healer more than a psychic.

Most people that know me well know I have psychic abilities, but those abilities are solely there for healing purposes. This means I am able to use the Akashic records as a means to transmute energy. Having re-worked and re-wired my own energy allows me to ignite that same healing within you. 

If you are a healer, my readings will be especially powerful for you.

I can help you step into your greatness, manifest your soul's higher purpose, help you close old doors to open new ones, and guide you forward toward deeper understandings of your truth and path in practical ways.

I am not a coach or a mentor or teacher, just a healer who is able retrieve information based on the depth of healing I've gone through myself. 

As a result of working with me I promise you energetic blockages will be seen and lifted to help push you toward your higher purpose.

My Akashic Records Readings are for:

☽ Men and Women

☽ Ages 18+

☽ You are self-aware

☽ You've already experienced a series of awakenings

☽ You are striving to see yourself

☽ You see triggers as opportunities for growth

☽ You are self-reflective

☽ You take responsibility for your actions

☽ You are a healer/teacher for others

☽ You are breaking toxic cycles

☽ You are seeking inner peace

☽ You are open to change

☽ You realize you may need to let things go...

☽ Your end goal is freedom within

☽ You intend to live your higher purpose 

If you looking for direction or are working to overcome harder feelings of: unworthiness, insecurity or uncertainty, a healing Akashic Records reading session with me would be a great starting place to help you move toward reaching your greatest potential.

Book your session online with me or contact me for more info!