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Example Questions To Ask

The best questions to ask in the Akashic Records are anything that starts with:






·   Is my physical health issue related to something mentally or emotionally?

·  How can I take better care of my body?

·  Are there any foods that are not supporting my body, mind, spirit?


Life Lessons:

·  What are my unique gifts, talents, and abilities?  What are the best ways for me to use them at this time in my life?


Career & Work:

·  What obstacles are blocking me from experiencing a positive work environment?

·  What can I do to clear and release these obstacles?

·  Why have I not found my perfect job? 

·  How has not having my perfect job/career served me?

·  What is the next small step I can take in finding my perfect job/career?

·  Take me to the point in this lifetime where I have found and am working in my perfect job/career (where I am fully using all my gifts and abilities).  From that place, reveal to me the specific steps I took to get there.

·  I have been offered a new job, and I don’t know if I should accept it.  Please help me to see clearly – how would it benefit me to accept this new job?  How would it benefit me to stay in my current job?

·  I am burned out at work.  What can I do to heal and find more balance in my life?

·  I want to work for myself, how can I get there?



·  What can I do to clear blocks that are keeping me from meeting a soulmate?   

·  How will I know when I’ve cleared blocks that have kept me stuck in certain patterns (financially, love related, career, etc)?


·  What kind of karma did I come to complete in this lifetime?

·  What kind of karma do I have to clear with my current partner or potential partners first before finding a true love/unconditional love?


Path & Purposes:

·  How can I live out a higher purpose? What does that path look like for me?


Love & Relationships:

·  Why are my partner and I together? What are we meant to learn?

·  What are the advantages of being in my relationship at this time? What are the disadvantages?

·  I am in a very loving relationship. How can I continue to nourish this and love my partner?

·  Our relationship seems strained/broken/irreparable. What happened to make it so? What am I not seeing and why am I not seeing it? 

·  What becomes available to me if I stay in my relationship? If I choose to stay in this relationship, what can I do to mend it and have a positive, loving experience? What can I ask my partner to do?

·  What becomes available to me if I end my relationship? If this relationship has run its course, how can we end it with grace?

·  I am not in a relationship but would like to be. What is blocking me from being in a loving relationship, and what steps can I take to help manifest a loving partner in my life?

·  What past lives have I shared with my partner?

·  How do I know if the relationship I am in has completed its life lessons?

·  How do I know if the person I am with wants to be with me? 


·  How can I get inspiration?  Are there any obstacles, and if so, how can they be removed?

·  I have several projects going right now. Which ones should I focus my energy on and why?

·  What can I do to unlock my creativity?

·  How can I further develop my creativity? 

·  What kind of creative endeavors would be beneficial to my growth?

·  What kind of ritual or activity can I do to ignite my creativity?

·  What art form can I be practicing to help me develop or grow more? 


·  What is my relationship like with my higher self? Am I hearing, seeing, feeling my higher self speak to me or communicate with me clearly? Do I listen?

·  How can I better communicate with my guides?

·  What can I do to develop my spiritual gifts further?


Limiting Beliefs:

·  What limiting belief needs to be healed? 

·  Where did I pick up this limiting belief? 

·  What are the consequences of me having this limited belief?

·  Where does this belief come from? 

·  How can I heal this limiting belief today? 

·  What can I do to heal this limiting belief overall? 

·  How is this limiting belief showing up in my life?


·  I feel I am in a pattern in love, how can I clear it?

·  I want to attract in a new type of partner or relationship and I don't know how. What can I do? What do I need to see in order to get there?

Past Lives:

·  How can I connect with my past lives?

·  Take me to a past life where I felt confident, secure and worthy. What happened in that lifetime to help me feel those ways?

·  Show me a past life that relates to a pattern I am living out in this life.

Business Development:

·  What actions would be most beneficial for my business at this time and why?

·  What do I need to do to attract more customers/clients?

·  How can I support my staff and make this a great working environment?

·  What would be a good investment to make in my business right now?

·  What would need to change in my business to get it to where I want it to be?

·  What limiting belief do I have that is affecting the growth of my business? 

·  What are some next steps I should take in my business? 



·  I am considering purchasing a (house/apartment/vacation home).  What is this home’s energy, potentials, or probabilities?

·  What kind of living or working environment can it support (or not support)?

·  What can be done to help optimize the home’s energy for me and my guests?

·  What repairs or work is needed at this time?

·  What work will be needed within the next 5-10 years, so I can be financially prepared?


·  My relationship with my (son/daughter) has become strained.  What happened to make it so, and how can I fix it?

· What classes, hobbies, or experiences would my child benefit from experiencing at the current time?

·  How can I be a better parent?

·  What can I do to develop my relationship with my child more?


·  I am considering different places to retire to. What becomes available to me at each one?

·  Where can I go for a restful, restorative vacation?

·  Where can I go for a fun, adventurous vacation?

·  Where are some places on the Planet that my Higher Self would like me to visit, and why?

·  Where is a place I will find fulfillment/healing/fun?



·  What is my pet’s purpose in this lifetime?

·  Why are we together?  What is our purpose together?

·  What is one thing my pet really likes that I do for them?

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