Frequently Asked Questions

“How does an Akashic Records reading work?”

This happens over the phone. I’ll call you at the time of our appointment and as soon as we get started I’ll begin by reciting the Akashic Records Pathway Prayer. This opening prayer allows me to connect with your spirit guides. I’ll receive the information you ask about during your session and share what it is I’m hearing. When our time is up I close the Records using the closing prayer. The prayer isn’t religious or affiliated with any religion; it’s just a beautiful poem-like prayer that allows me to access higher realms.

“What kind of questions do people typically ask during an Akashic Records reading?”

That depends. Some people want answers about their future, but in an Akashic Records reading the possibilities for your future are infinite. If you are strictly interested in a fortune telling reading, those are a different type of reading. However, many times it is not uncommon for a scenario to play out exactly as it is predicted in an Akashic Records reading. There are set destiny points in our life, but how we get there (as well as the timing) may change.

"What is off limits to ask during a session?

Nothing is off limits!

“What are the best questions you’ve heard people ask?”

I always say that the more specific the question is that you ask, the more specific the answer will be. The answers you’ll hear are always going to be a direct reflection of the questions you ask. There are no questions that are better than others, but I’d suggest staying away from general questions like, “what is my purpose?” And instead, asking more useful questions like, “what activities will help me get a better feeling for what my life purpose is?” The latter type of question allows you space to explore your purpose from a more grounded place. Answers from the spirit world are only really useful if we can use them, right?

For example, When I’ve asked “what is my purpose” in the past, I heard I am a healer and spiritual guide. Then it’s like, “okay, what am I going to do with this information?” It took me a few years to figure out how to apply what I heard to my actual life/what activities might be helpful in letting me see/explore what this means with clarity and resonance. I’d suggest asking things that help you take the information coming through and grounding it into your experience.

“Should questions be written before we get on the phone?”

Some people prefer to get all their questions answered by writing them down prior to our time together. When I am on the receiving end of an Akashic Records reading, I always like to just go with the flow of the reading and see what the reader says, see what comes up, but everyone’s different. There’s no wrong way. It’s more about the experience you want to have during our session. Do you want healing? Answers? Support? All of the above? Set that as an intention on your own beforehand.

“How long have you been doing this for?”

I’ve been reading the Akashic Records since I was 27, I am 32 now.

“How do you receive information?”

I will hear your spirit guides speak (clairaudience). Hearing them with my own inner voice is usually accompanied by visions I receive, which I’ll describe for you over the phone as I see the visions in my mind’s eye. Sometimes I see the visions first and then I'll hear your guides describe what it is I'm seeing.

“What does receiving visions look like?”

A vision looks like a memory, but it’s not of the past. I may even see specific details, such as a specific setting or of a specific person. They’ll often show me the season something might begin to unfold or even the time of day as well. Timing is a little harder to feel/get specific about, but I will have some idea about the timing of something based on the season I see in a vision and how close or far away it feels. Sometimes they will also give me visions for metaphors they’re using. I may receive a vision of something seemingly unrelated to the question you ask, but then I’ll get a knowing and begin hearing how it’s a metaphor for the question you’re asking.

“Do you give other kinds of readings?”

I used to. I know how to read Astrological charts (both Vedic sidereal and Western), but I only do that for friends these days. I used to give fortune telling readings as well as tarot card readings (both are a form of fortune telling), but I no longer give those (sometimes just with friends for fun). Fortune telling readings no longer speak to me as much as Akashic Records readings do. An Akashic Records reading offers more than just information on your future, whereas psychic readings are more limited because they are future oriented only. I think it's more helpful to see the bigger picture, which is what an Akashic Records reading can offer.

“Can you channel dead friends/relatives if I want to speak to them?”

Typically I hear all your guides as one voice, but there is a knowing that I’m speaking to all/the group of them. Sometimes our guides will single out one or two voices to speak for the group, and sometimes those voices will even come through as people you know who have passed over. You can always request for a certain energy to step forward.

“Do you have any favorite tools you use to help with spiritual insight?”

Yes, I do (I made this last question up ...technically no one’s asked ;). However, I really love The Pattern app (add me!) because it’s a great way to see what cycles you’re working on/lessons you’re learning/shifts you’re currently making based on your birth chart. I also love the Cosmic Insights app, which is based on Vedic sidereal astrology. If you have any questions about either of these apps and how they might support your journey, feel free to reach out and ask!

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