How To Prepare For A Reading

Your reading will be a true reflection of you.


Akashic Records readings can feel very validating, informative, affirming and healing.

If we tap into future energies, I am picking up on two storylines: your lessons, purpose and karma, which is written in stone, and also your life choices, which is written in sand. You do have the ability to change your future and you do have free will. The lessons will always show up, but depending on the choices you make, you can change how they show up and the timing.

The most significant point I could bring to  your attention before our time together is just how important it is for you to stay especially open during your session. The more open you are to hearing about your life, the more available the information becomes to me. If you are super open, I'll be able to easily pick up on super specific details, such as: names and dates, specific circumstances or experiences you can expect. If someone's energy is not open, or if there is a withholding or yielding energy, I may not be able to pick up specific information, and instead the reading may come across as more general.


A practitioner who reads the Records acts as an interpreter for your spirit guides. Your spirit guides consist of Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. Spirit guides are unconditionally loving, and unwavering in support of you and your journey.


Every reader receives the Records differently:

85% receive as a sense of knowing

10% receive visually

5% receive through audio


Sometimes readers may receive the Records through all the senses. I am a reader that uses all of my senses, but most of the information comes either audibly or visually for me.

As you prepare for your upcoming Akashic Records reading, it can be especially helpful to come prepared with questions about different aspects or areas of your life that you would like insight and more information or guidance on.


The best questions to ask in the Records are anything that starts with:





A question starting with, “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” or a “yes or no” is not an effective question to ask in the Records because the Records reveal the big picture of who you are becoming and these questions are more limiting. 


Here are some suggestions for areas of life you may like to ask about:



·   Is my physical health issue related to something mentally or emotionally?

·  How can I take better care of my body?

·  Are there any foods that are not supporting my highest good?


Life Lessons:

·  What are my unique gifts, talents, and abilities?  What are the best ways for me to use them at this time in my life?

·  What is a main lesson I came here to learn in this lifetime?

·  How are the lessons I am learning at this time helping me on my path?

Career & Work:

·  What obstacles are blocking me from experiencing a positive work environment?

·  What can I do to clear and release these obstacles?

·  Why have I not found my perfect job? 

·  How has not having my perfect job/career served me?

·  What is the next small step I can take in finding my perfect job/career?

·  Take me to the point in this lifetime where I have found and am working in my perfect job/career (where I am fully using all my gifts and abilities).  From that place, reveal to me the specific steps I took to get there.

·  I have been offered a new job, and I don’t know if I should accept it.  Please help me to see clearly: how would it benefit me to accept this new job?  How would it benefit me to stay in my current job?

·  I am burned out at work.  What can I do to heal and find more balance in my life?



·  What can I do to clear blocks that are keeping me from meeting the one?   

·  How will I know when I’ve cleared blocks that have kept me stuck in certain patterns (financially, love related, career, etc)?

·  Why am I feeling blocked in love?

·  What will I feel when I begin to remove blocks that have been holding me back in love and career?


·  What kind of karma did I come to complete in this lifetime?

·  What kind of karma do I have to clear with my current partner or potential partners first before finding a true love/unconditional love?

·  How am I opening to or blocking myself from completing karma I came here to complete in this lifetime?


Path & Purposes:

·  How do I know if I’m on the correct path?

·  What can I do to get in touch with my inner truths?

·  Am I walking my path of greatest potential? If not, how can I do that?

·  What am I healing and how is that contributing to my growth?

Growth & Development:

·  What kind of investments can I make to develop my emotions better?

·  Are my current relationships in life supporting my growth?

·  Where am I holding myself back from growing?

·  What habits can I eliminate in order to feel better?

·  What can I do now to help me feel more successful daily?

·  Does my inner child feel supported and healed on my journey? If not, what can I do to change that?

Money & Wealth:

·  What can I do to add to my wealth?

·  What is holding me back from getting a raise at work?

·  What areas of my life should I invest my time in in order to increase my abundance?

·  Is my current path supporting my goals of increasing my income/earning potential?

·  What do I need to let go of to make more money?

·  What is getting in the way of my earning potential?

·  What is my money karma in this lifetime and how is it serving me?

Love & Relationships:

·  Why are my partner and I together? What are we meant to learn?

·  What are the advantages of our being together at this time? What are the disadvantages?

·  I am in a very loving relationship. How can I continue to nourish this and love my partner?

·  Our relationship seems strained/broken/irreparable. What happened to make it so?  What am I not seeing and why am I not seeing it? 

·  What becomes available to me if I stay in this relationship? If I choose to stay in this relationship, what can I do to mend it and have a positive, loving experience?  What can I ask my partner to do?

·  What becomes available to me if I end this relationship? If this relationship has run its course, how can we end it with grace?

·  I am not in a relationship but would like to be. What is blocking me from being in a loving relationship, and what steps can I take to help manifest a loving partner in my life?

·  What past lives have I shared with my partner?

·  How do I know if the relationship I am in has completed its life lessons?

·  How do I know if the person I am with wants to be with me? What can I do to create a positive future with said person?

·  I believe I am meant to be with someone I already know, what is happening in that connection and what is preventing it from coming together?


·  How can I get inspired?  Are there any obstacles, and if so, how can they be removed?

·  I have several projects going right now. Which one(s) should I focus my energy on and why?

·  What can I do to unlock my creativity?

·  How can I further develop my creativity? 

·  What kind of creative endeavors would be beneficial to my growth?

·  What kind of ritual or activity can I do to ignite my creativity?

·  What art form should I be practicing? 



·  What investments can I make in myself spiritually that might be beneficial for my mental or emotional health?

·  Where am I blocking myself from being in touch with my guides? How can I change that?

·  What is holding me back from feeling more connected?

​·  What will help me move forward spiritually from toxic addictions or habits?


Limiting Beliefs:

·  What beliefs should I let go of in order to get more present?

·  What limiting belief needs to be healed? 

·  Where did I pick up this limiting belief? 

·  What are the consequences of me having this limited belief?

·  Where does this belief come from? 

·  How can I heal this limiting belief today? 

·  What can I do to heal this limiting belief overall? 



​·  What cycles in my life am I stuck in?

·  What relationship patterns am I repeating and why?

·  What am I not seeing about how to move forward past certain cycles?

·  What lessons am I learning that are keeping me stuck in certain patterns and how can I move past them?


Past Lives:

·  How can I connect with my past lives?

·  What past life is most relevant to talk about now, in order to help me evolve?

·  Which past life do I have that can tell me something about this karma I need to clear?

·  Which past life can tell me more about what lessons I came to learn in this one?

·  Which past life can you tell me more about that can help me understand the dynamic with my current partner better?


Business Development:

·  What actions would be most beneficial for my business at this time and why?

·  What do I need to do to attract more customers?

·  How can I support my staff and make this a great working environment?

·  Who are the Keepers of this shop and how can I honor them?

·  What would be a good investment to make in my business right now?

·  What would need to change in my business to get it to where I want it to be?

·  What limiting belief do I have that is affecting the growth of my business? 

·  What are some next steps I should take in my business? 



·  I am considering purchasing a (house/apartment/vacation home).  What is this home’s energy, potentials, or probabilities?

·  What kind of living or working environment can it support (or not support)?

·  What can be done to help optimize the home’s energy for me and my guests?

·  What repairs or work is needed at this time?

·  What work will be needed within the next 5-10 years, so I can be financially prepared to own a home?


·  My relationship with my (son/daughter) has become strained.  What happened to make it so, and how can I fix it?

· What classes, hobbies, or experiences would my child benefit from experiencing at the current time?

·  How can I be a better parent?

·  How can I get to know my child better?

·  What would benefit my child for me to know at this time?

·  How can I improve my communication style to best benefit my son/daughter?

·  Do we have past lives together?


·  I am considering three different places to retire to.  What becomes available to me at each one?

·  Where can I go for a restful, restorative vacation?

·  Where can I go for a fun, adventurous vacation?

·  Where are some places on the Planet that my Higher Self would like me to visit, and why?



·  What is the purpose for my relationship with my pet?

·  Why did my pet choose me?

·  Do we have past lives together?

·  What is my pet’s purpose in this lifetime?

·  Why are we together?  What is our purpose together?

·  What is one thing my pet really likes that I do for them?

You do not need to send the questions you would like to ask prior to your reading. In about a half an hour session you can probably fit roughly 10 questions in, depending on the amount of information you would like on each topic. In an hour you may be able to touch on about 20 questions, or you may choose to get to fewer questions and instead go deeper into a couple specific questions, which can feel therapeutic.