Looking Within

5 month extensive program

"He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens." Carl Jung

Work with me extensively!

Launching Fall 2020

Right Now I am creating a 5 month program with the help of my spirit guides.

My program is called: "Looking within"

I could have named it something more monumental,

but the truth is you can't climb mountains you don't train for.

This is your basic training course.

In my program I teach you how to look within.

This seems like it would be an obvious thing to know how to do, but trust me, it's not.

This is the hardest thing you will ever learn how to do in life.

To do it:

✳ I'm going to reframe your entire life for you.

✳ I'm going to show you how to rediscover your truth.

✳ You're going to learn how to walk again. Expect to fall down and get back up.

✳ It's going to challenge you.

I'm not a coach. At all.

I'm not a mentor.

I'll never be your teacher.

Please do not refer to me as any guru.

And although I may come across as a friend,

I am not there to be your friend either.

I am a spiritual guide.

And I am a healer.

In your experience with me:

I am not the one looking within. You are.

I'm the one guiding that experience.

I am not the one finding your truth. You are.

I'm the one showing you how it's done.

I am not the one doing the work. You are.

I'm the one facilitating that reach.

Each week: we will be in touch.

Each day: you will have homework.

I'm nice, but I'm tough.

My yoga students used to tell me my classes were hard, but that's why they came.

I pushed them, and all my favorite teachers pushed me.

...Although again, I am not a teacher. I will push you though, and I will show you things.

I will expect a lot from you. And if you sign up, I know you will rise to the occasion.

You will get triggered, you will look at all your wounds, but you will heal throughout your journey with me.

You will come back centered, stronger, at home within yourself and aligned with your truth and purpose.

In 5 months.

My guides tell me I can do this for you, and I believe them.

I believe them because I already did this for me.

My program is for those looking to walk the path of their greatest potential.

This is for you if you are determined to serve your highest purpose.

Please note:

I will not be accepting everyone into this program.

I will be interviewing people for this program.

My guides and I will decide if you are ready.

There are specific qualities I am looking for.

Only apply if you are truly ready for your life to change.

The price $ is TBD.

Contact me for more info: sara@sarashermis.com

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