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Mentorship Program

Work with me for 2 months in my group mentorship program

My "Looking Within" program is intuitively created by me for you

The program includes:​​

  • Using my abilities to help you find your truth, purpose, path, healing and soul-aligned business

  • Every Monday and Tuesday evening we will have a group Zoom call for about 2+ hours each meeting

  • You will see where you are stuck, and how you may be operating from wounds, traumas, and "not-love" themes

  • You will fully understand codependency and see more of your self-worth

  • You will see how to make self-honoring decisions in your life

  • You will have homework to complete each week

  • You will get guidance forward

  • You will come up with a plan for your soul-aligned business (with my help and guidance)

  • You will hone in on your abilities and will learn how to use your gifts for your highest good

  • You will learn the Akashic Records

  • You will stop looking to others to help you, and begin trusting yourself more

  • You will meet other like-minded people who are also on a journey of breaking free from past patterns

  • You will become a certified Akashic Records reader and be able to give readings just like me

To participate in this program you will be required to sign a legal form, which includes an NDA

Total cost of the program: $3,200

This is a non-negotiable rate.

I ask for a $600 deposit, which will be paid up front to secure your spot. The deposit goes toward the total cost of the program.

This is a non-refundable $600 deposit.

The first payment is $1,000 paid in full for the first month (totaling $1,600 with the deposit).

The second payment is $1,600 for the second month.

You can also choose to pay everything up front.

The pricing breaks down to $160/per each 3 hour group session with me.

If you are interested in continuing to work together after 2 months, you will automatically have a spot.

Send me a message if you are interested in having a call with me to see if we are the right fit.

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