Mentorship Program

Work with me for 2 months

This is a group mentorship program called, "Looking Within"

This program is intuitively created by me for you

The program includes:​​

  • Using my abilities to help you find your truth, purpose, path, healing and soul-aligned business

  • Every Monday and Tuesday evening we will have a group Zoom call for about 2+ hours each meeting

  • You will see where you are stuck, and how you may be operating from wounds, traumas, and "not-love" themes

  • You will fully understand codependency and self-worth

  • You will see how to make self-honoring decisions in your life

  • You will have homework to complete each week

  • You will get guidance forward

  • You will come up with a plan for your soul-aligned business (with my help and guidance)

  • You will hone in on your abilities and will learn how to use your gifts for your highest good

  • You will learn the Akashic Records

  • You will stop looking to others to help you, and begin trusting yourself more

To participate in this program you will be required to sign 2 legal forms, which I will provide before we start:

A Non-disclosure Agreement, and a Terms and Agreement form.

Total cost of the program: $3,200

This is a non-negotiable rate.

I ask for a $600 deposit, which will be paid up front to secure your spot. The deposit goes toward the total cost of the program.

This is a non-refundable $600 deposit.

The first payment is $1,000 paid in full for the first month (totaling $1,600 with the deposit).

The second payment is $1,600 for the second month.

You can also choose to pay everything up front.

The program will be paid for via Venmo.

The application below is for you to fill out if you are interested in being in my 2 month program.  

Please do not fill out the application below if you are interested in only getting a reading with me.

The application below is for the mentorship program only.

Please do not fill out the application below if you are not truly serious about changing your life.

If you are interested in continuing to work together after 2 months, feel free to mention it.

Apply for the Looking Within
Mentorship Program with Sara

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