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Psychic Intuitive Readings

A reading with me happens over the phone if you live in the USA and over audio on Zoom if you live abroad. Whether you are in the States or elsewhere, I’ll give you the option to have your session recorded, and will send you the recording within 24 hours via email. Your reading begins as soon as I recite a small prayer that I wrote. The prayer I wrote functions as both an intention for your reading, and an invocation of my abilities. As I say this prayer out loud, you can think of it as a door I am opening to access your energy field through the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records is a metaphysical library of records on your life, your past lives, your future and other information that might be relevant to your soul’s journey in this lifetime. The Akashic Records also allows for me to access loved ones who have passed, and even future loved ones that aren’t here yet. There are many ways to access the Akashic Records; writing my own prayer to access that space and then close out from that space when the reading is complete is the way that feels right for me.


You can think of our time together during a reading as your time to ask about anything you want to know, anything you want clarity or direction on or anything you feel called to ask about yourself, your life and your journey physically, mentally, spiritually. You are the one leading our time together with your questions, I am just a messenger responding by translating information I receive through my psychic senses: hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing.


My recommendations: I highly recommend setting intentions of your own before your reading with me. Your intentions can be anything, but I think a great place to start is with the intention to be open, and also the intention to be specific in what you ask. The information coming through during a reading setting always mirrors back to you exactly where you are, and exactly what you ask. For example, if you ask, “am I on the right path?” The answer may just be, “yes.” But if you ask, “what can I do to be on a path that is more aligned and fulfilling?” The answer will be very different, much more in-depth and especially specific. If you set an intention to get clarity or direction, try to ask questions starting with “how” and “what.”


Of course you can always ask for general guidance and messages too, but keep in mind that a reading with me is not a mediumship type of reading; a reading with a medium typically consists of contacting loved ones on the other side, and then receiving messages directly from them. Since I am not a medium, I am not in touch with those on the other side. I am in touch with the energy or life force of your life, your soul. I see your future, your path, your purposes and your potential from the perspective of your soul. I can also see past lives and how those are relevant to this life, as well as karma you came to clear, lessons you are here to learn and where your soul is asking you to go. 


Something to note is that soul energy is different from your higher self energy. Higher self energy is the part of yourself that knows better, that sees the bigger picture, that understands the consequences; it is the part of you that is recognizable to your human mind, and helps you to make more mindful decisions should you choose to listen. Higher self energy is rational, soul energy is not. Soul energy communicates through feeling only, and yet, that energy is the unconscious undercurrent of your life, taking you places you are meant to go. I believe soul energy is also intrinsically tied to the shadow self. Soul energy is deep, it is powerful, and while it is light it is also just as dark and profound in its darkness, which is what generates its wisdom and truth. Your soul wants you to learn your lessons until completion, step up to the plate when called, and experience what it intended you to. However, to align fully requires you to be in touch with this deeper aspect of yourself. And sometimes just getting there is a journey all on its own.


Essentially, you can think of what I am offering as a tool for you to take responsibility for the life your soul wants you to align with, in order to meet yourself at your greatest potential. Maybe you are more aligned with your human self, your human wants and the life your human self sees for you. What that often looks like is striving for what success or beauty or what societal ideals look like in this world, that you may have unknowingly or even unconsciously chosen to subscribe to. Yet, those things don’t always equate to what your soul wants for you. In fact, sometimes it is completely different. After spending a lifetime as a psychic, and over a decade as a psychic reader, I have found my readings truly are soul-aligned; if I choose to read for you, you will hear what is aligned for you on a soul level. I believe the many twists and turns of my own life aligned me with something much deeper, whether I initially intended it or not.  That deeper something is now running my life and has completely altered my own ideas of success, beauty, practicality, balance, etc. I now listen at every turn: the timing, the decisions I make and where I am going comes from that place alone, deep within, and is often affirmed by what is reflected back to me through the things that align at the same time in the physical world. I was asked to give up everything in my life, multiple times, and it’s hard to explain, but all of that took me to a place I never knew was possible to find within. Because of where I am, this is also the space I am coming from when I read for you. Each psychic you encounter and every person, psychic or not —for that matter, has their own unique lens or space they are coming from. Every psychic reads from the space they find themselves in. Whether I want it to be this way or not, my lens is the filter through which I am channeling information for you. Insight I am offering you is based on a life I feel is true to your soul. It doesn’t mean the path I’ll reveal to you will be easy, it just means I am showing you a mirror to see how to meet yourself on the path of your greatest potential, standing fully in your power, aligned with something deeper within, as well as everything that comes with it. That something deeper within is the voice we feel speak up as a feeling —sometimes just in hindsight, when we settle for less and realize it later. Every time we settle for less that voice speaks, and sometimes we feel it but repress it anyway or turn it away because it isn’t rational. Sometimes it asks too much of us at the moment; it can ask us to take leaps when we aren’t even ready for steps. Sometimes that voice tries to align us by asking us to give up something or even everything that our human self doesn’t want to or isn’t ready for, like a job, an opportunity, a relationship, or anything we tried to make fit but still doesn’t… And then we question ourselves because something deep down tells us there’s more. What I am offering is a voice to exactly that voice. It is your soul, offering you more. And it is brave of you to want to hear what it has to say.


There can be times when what I channel for you might not be exactly what you want to hear, or might not be easy to hear, but whatever comes through is something you are meant to hear, and  is always for your greatest good. Sometimes it will be insight or a message meant to move you forward or meant to align you with something further down the line. Just know my intention is to deliver everything with unconditional love and support for you. I truly only have the best of intentions in all my readings. I am also very direct and clear in my delivery. It is meant to be loving, and meant to help. All messages are going to feel light no matter what comes through. If these types of messages are what you are looking for, there is deep peace that comes with it. If that is what you are looking for, we will be an energetic match. If what I have illustrated sounds like it is too much or not what you want to feel or even if you feel unsure, there are so many incredible psychics out there, each with their own gifts and strengths, and I am sure you will find the right one at the right time.


My goal for you is to leave your time with me feeling like your reading needs were met, even if all you want is just a check-in. Feel free to let me know what your specific needs or intentions look like for your reading, and what you hope to accomplish together, and I’ll do my best.


Once you book your reading with me, if you need to cancel in under 24 hours before your reading, or if you want to end the reading early or even if you decide you don’t like my reading for you after we have finished, that money is lost. My time is the most valuable thing I am offering. It takes a lot of energy to prepare for a reading, and a lot of energy to give a reading. All that I ask is that you are respectful of my time and the energy I am offering. Thanks for understanding :)


Much love,



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