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"Sara is the kindest, most beautiful soul. Right away, she comes across as super relatable and genuine. She’s funny, and sincere and she just knows how to create the safest space for you to ask for any guidance during a reading with her. She’s straightforward in her answers and direct, but has a peaceful disposition about her and she delivers truth in a really compassionate way, even when it is challenging to hear. Sara really is a pro at seeing people’s souls, and she sees yours in the fullest picture. She sees your soul in a way I really don’t think many of us will ever realize is even possible. Sara’s gifts are incredible to experience. Then on top of that you actually feel this girl has done and does her inner work. You can feel that she’s definitely had her own practice holding space for herself and I personally feel like because of Sara’s readings I am understanding more and more how to hold space for myself better. She’s confident and articulate, you can feel she knows her value and worth, but at the same time she is massively humble about all of this, including the wisdom she has. You can tell she’s just a well of wisdom. You can tell. To know Sara is to love Sara. Absolutely everyone I’ve sent her way for a reading too is like, ‘how did you find this magical little being with such incredible gifts!?’ I feel so lucky for that. She’s a complete gem and unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and I’m truly blessed we crossed paths. Sara’s amazing. I couldn’t recommend working with her enough!"

Kayla, 35, New York

"Sara always amazes me when she gives me readings. It's so nuts that she sees the future and then the future that she tells me about happens and it's like living it twice. She's by far the most accurate intuit I've met." 

Will, 27, Los Angeles

"I found Sara a few years ago, and I swear she's like my go-to whenever I go through anything. It's amazing to know someone who not only can hold space for you while you're going through something like heartbreak, but she's someone who is sensitive enough to be so empathetic to what you're experiencing when she reads for you. Whenever we're on the phone it's like she's an old friend that I can count on."

Stephanie, 32, Seattle 

"Sara's a brilliant light worker, and I tell her all the time that she came to change the world. I think I'm a pretty intuitive guy and can appreciate other people that are also this way. Sara's on this whole other level of intuitiveness, which is really hard to come by. Her readings are always uplifting I think because she sees the world in such a positive way. I don't know her that well, but I know her story a little and I know she's been through a lot, so I really look up to her for remaining so positive when life threw some lemons her way. I'm lucky I found her."

Bryan, 33, San Diego

"Sara is an amazing psychic medium and Akashic Records reader. It's years later, and everything Sara has predicted has come true."

Kate, 39, San Francisco 

"Ever since Sara was young she's always amazed me with her abilities. She would tell me things she couldn't have possibly ever known, and I'd always be so blown away. She's also always been able pick up on my feelings, which, as her Mother, I didn't want to burden her with when she was small, but she has this way of just knowing and made a point of being able to be there for me, not just as my daughter, but as my friend (even at age 3!). She's such a light in my life and a beacon for others, which I became aware of when she was really little. She was always so curious about life and people, that when we'd walk past strangers she would say hi and engage with them, their small children or their dogs, and in those moments I could see the care she took in connecting. I was always shocked by the way everyone would respond so lovingly to her. It was like they knew she was special, too. She's always wanted to understand. My daughter has taught me so much about what it means to be sensitive and what it means to have compassion. She's an angel who is not only sweet, but deeply cares for others. I think Sara's true gift is in her ability to feel, and in helping others feel seen."

Sue (Sara's Mother), 63, San Diego

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