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Update on Sara

On Christmas Day 2021 Sara and her Mom, Sue, were driving and were hit head on by an oncoming vehicle that swerved into their lane. Both Sara and Sue sustained major injuries from that accident. Sue left the scene of the accident with broken bones, fractures, bruises and burns to her face. Sara wasn’t as lucky, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital in critical condition.


Sara arrived to the hospital with many broken bones, fractures, a concussion, burns, gashes to her body and a broken spine. As soon as Sara got to the emergency room at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, her trauma doctor and her neurosurgeon both began prepping her for emergency spinal surgery to save her life. Sara's status became life-threatening due to the severity of the broken spine she sustained from the accident, as well as a cerebral spinal fluid leak and possible nerve damage.


Sara’s neurosurgeon managed to save Sara’s life and her ability to walk with the surgery she received. After weeks of recovery in the trauma unit of Palomar Hospital and some major health scares after the aftermath of such a life-altering accident, Sara became stable enough to be transported via ambulance to an acute spinal rehab hospital facility, which is where she spent time resting and doing occupational therapy as well as intensive physical therapy daily.


Since returning home, Sara has been continuing to recover from multiple broken bones, fractures, a new spine made of screws the size of pencil sticks, a major concussion/brain injury, cerebral spinal fluid leak migraines as well as vertigo and impaired eyesight she suffered as a result of the near-fatal car accident she was in.


For the time being and into the foreseeable future, Sara will unfortunately not be able to offer any psychic readings or her mentorship program.


One day when Sara is ready, she will share an update on how she’s doing. Until then, you may like to subscribe to her website so you can hear from her when she’s ready.

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