What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a way to access your spirit guides, as well as information about your soul’s path and your purpose.

You can take all the self-help programs out there in order to see yourself more clearly, understand old wounds/patterns, break old ways of thinking/believing, but sometimes we need more than 'self-help' tools and material the world outside of ourselves provides and projects. What I’ve learned about myself is that a lot of my own growth happens because of access to a much larger picture (aka spirit). If I can see the bigger picture, that is often enough to motivate me to run in the direction I feel my life is taking me anyway. If you feel that self-help material/ideas aren't enough to take you where you are meant to be/into a flow state, then maybe it’s because you need more too. An Akashic Records reading might be that next step to help you move forward onto a path that is less resistant, more inflow, healing, transformative and rewarding.

This isn’t about having all the answers, although you can definitely expect answers from Akashic Records readings. Yet, in order to dive into deeper healing, you need to be okay with the mystery of life and accept that there are some things we are not meant to know. What you can expect from a reading is more information about why you’re stuck, why you’re hurting, what you're needing to heal, even how to change direction ...and it’s all coming from the spirit world. For example: you might get insight about why you keep attracting the same type of partner into your life and how it relates to your ways of thinking and believing, which originates from past lives. And how, one thing you must learn and master is ending those karmic cycles you’ve accumulated from past lives —in this one. All of that might mean you need to address a big time core wound in order to move forward (to end the cycle), but we are often blind to see those wounds if they’ve existed during the course of many lifetimes. Yet, the struggle continues until we are brave enough to ask “why.”

If I’ve learned one thing about the universe, it’s this: every single thing (experiences, thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc) is cyclical. If you want to change a cycle, it has to come into your awareness first in order for you to see it. The universe can bring a cycle into your awareness 1 of 3 ways: 1. Experiencing experiences (which includes beliefs, thoughts, emotions etc), 2. By way of self-help programs (think Tony Robbins, books, quotes, etc) or 3. Spiritual wisdom, which offers us applied insight in a different way. Unless one of these three methods brings a cycle to our attention, we'll only continue to cycle through the same cycles all while wondering why we continuously keep ending up in the same place. Once you see it (either by experiencing it again, self-help awareness or via a spiritual lens/bigger picture), you can discern whether to continue or break it. YOU are the creator of your own experience in this way. I might go through the same cycle a million times, or I can change direction by learning what it is I’m experiencing from a higher spiritual perspective. This big picture healing is the kind of healing you can expect from an Akashic Records reading with me. Eventually when you start to see and heal many cycles, you begin to transform yourself and change your life.

Through access to bigger picture/spiritual wisdom, the potential for growth becomes exponential. You begin to move faster when ending old cycles that no longer serve you. You discover you’re no longer subjected to the same form of limitations, illusions and delusions that kept you stuck before, which means you begin building a new foundation. The option to shed whatever no longer serves is always there, but often we’re afraid to see it and then once we see it, afraid to let go of it because we don’t know what’s on the other side. Yet, the universe ALWAYS rewards those willing to take the biggest risks on themselves, especially when it comes to letting go of anything that has prevented you from realizing your wholeness alone. All it takes is a willingness to look. If you’re willing to look ...the world is forever in your hands.

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