Why You Found Me

You've likely come across me or my website for 1 of 2 reasons, maybe both...

1. You've started healing ancestral wounds, cycles, past traumas, old patterns, and feel guided to live your life's purpose.

2. You're beginning to find wholeness and are looking for true love. 

I can help you achieve both of these things. 

I am a healer, and a spiritual guide.

I offer healing through the Akashic Records to help those in need get on the path to wholeness, purpose and true love.


I have healed myself: energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I put an end to all ancestral wounds that were passed down to me in my lineage, as well as closed all cycles, patterns, and obstacles that held me back. I no longer need healing, I am fully whole and living my purpose. I went through a 2 year awakening process, which triggered me to overcome what I needed in order to heal. Before that,  it took a 13 year cycle to experience the painful lessons that eventually lead me to see I am a healer.


My spirit guides guided me into this line of work because I have transmuted my past energy and ascended. This means I transformed old wounds to come into wholeness, and can now gift that to others. Just from a one-on-one interaction with me in your Akashic Records, I will change your light codes to transmute and transform your energy.  As a result, you will no longer resonate with old cycles and break free.


Yes, you are paying me for an informative Akashic Records reading, but what you're actually paying me to do is change your vibrational coding.

Check out the two types of readings I give:

1. The first is an Akashic Records reading 

2. The other is an Akashic Love reading

Pretty soon I will start a spiritual guidance program to help those who would like to work with me extensively. I will have both a 3 and 6 month intensive program available in the near future, which will include the book I am currently writing, as well as personalized meditations.


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