Why You Found Me

If you contact me for a reading, you are accepting an invitation into alignment with your path of greatest potential.

I help people step onto their path to greatness, and into soul alignment.


If you've come across me, you've likely:

1. Started healing ancestral wounds, cycles, past traumas, old patterns, and feel guided to live your life's higher purpose.

2. Started to search for wholeness, and are looking for true love within and with someone special, too.

3. Are feeling stuck and are looking for the right tools and answers.

I can help you with all of these things. 

I am not a coach nor a mentor, my specific purpose in life is to help guide others.

I offer healing through the Akashic Records and guide people back to their truth, wholeness, purpose and true love.


When I gave myself a reading in my own Akashic Records, I asked my guides about my path and they showed me an image: in it I am holding a flashlight in the dark while walking with others who don't know the way. My guides have shared with me that my job in this life is to hold the flashlight I created for others. That's it. They said, "you've already walked this path alone in the dark and know the way home. Now it's your turn to show other people what exactly it is that you've done so they can do it too." I understood the meaning to be not just about how I live my life, but also about the scope of my purpose. I have always understood that someday my life will lead me to share with others what exactly it is I've accomplished internally, and on a larger scale than I think I'll ever want or be ready for. However, right now is my time to work one-on-one with people to activate them on their path of greatest potential. Along the way I am meant to guide them to find their purpose, their truth, clarity, wholeness and true love within.


After walking my path alone and taking time to heal, I can now offer you the flashlight I created. Just from a one-on-one session with me in your Akashic Records, I will alter your current vibration into a deeper state of healing. I can do this for you because this is what I've done for me. After our time together, you may even find you no longer resonate with old ways of thinking or being because of the energy shift you experience with me.


Yes, you are paying me for an informative Akashic Records reading, but what you're actually paying me to do is change your vibration into true alignment with your soul, seeking clearly how to get on track to serving your soul's highest purpose, in your truest form.